Whānau Law

Ensuring your tamariki stay connected to their whānau while they are in Oranga Tamariki care is not always easy. We can support and advocate for you when dealing with Oranga Tamariki social workers in regards to access arrangements between whānau and Oranga Tamariki caregivers.

Every child has a legal right to the safe love of their empowered and healed parent.

A child's identity is intrinsically tied to their parents.


Children raised in the love and acceptance of parents who are able to manage their lives for the betterment of their children, grow into secure adults that contribute positively in their communities.

The best interests and welfare of a child is thus contingent on empowering and healing whānau.

Our whānau advocates are experienced and skilled navigators of the legal processes Oranga Tamariki use when managing their relationships with tamariki Māori and Whānau.

We use our legal training to empower you and your whānau to ensure your whānau voice is put forward above the caregivers or social workers involved in your tamariki's lives.