Our consultation services guide business leaders to tailor equitable work place systems with diversity, equity, and inclusion impacts. 

Equitable work place systems implore scrutiny of their design willingly. 

If the work systems your business uses cause harm to people by virtue of systemic racism or prejudice, we will advise you why and help you to fix that issue with your effort, investment, and time.

DEI mahi is more a journey, than a training session. The knowledge follows on from first understanding.

Our consultations focus on the manner in which an entity is able to identify, seek, action and grow Diversity, Equity and Inclusion impacts as a system that impacts  people, rather than an individual who can impact people. 

Our consultations are deliberate in the value given, and insightful.

There is no quick fix or one way to seeking to  dismantle inequities. Work systems should not ever cause harm to people but the reality is that they do, and there has never been a good reason for that.

We can do better for our communities and employees.

And we do not need to fear addressing our past failings if we are humble enough to grow through them.

Equitable work systems and healthy people cultures are what every business leader is accountable and responsible for. 

Let Diligence at Work provide your business with some diverse commentary, advice, reports and solutions to fully prep your leaders for the accountability of the leadership role.    



DEI Project Consultations


Large organisations serious about creating DEI impacts set up a DEI Committee. A DEI Committee has the role of representing and advocating the perspectives of employees concerns about DEI impacts in their workplace. Those who form part of the DEI Committee need to have authority and leadership responsibilities within the organisation, because their function is to advocate solutions, set expectations and hold stakeholders accountable to employees’ concerns about DEI.

Small organisations serious about creating DEI impacts do not necessarily need a committee and can set up a DEI Working Group or DEI Taskforce.

A DEI Working Group is a group of people within the organisation who have insight and experience to all facets of the work systems and specific people roles across the organisation, that they use collectively to create work systems with DEI impacts.

A DEI Taskforce is a group of people set up to deliver a single defined task and will work with a variety of people, employees, community people etc, to provide a deliverable recommendation or finding to the organisation.

Our consultation will show your leaders how to realise DEI impacts with the organisations marginalised employees, employees, stakeholders and communities.

Preparing for DEI impacts at work

Work Systems Assessment

Business leaders are responsible for ensuring thier employees experience a safe work place free from discrimination.


And 'safe' must include consideration of the intangible nuances that exist in work systems. But more importantly, the impact of those considerations alongside societal systems and DEI impacts.

Assessing the current state of your businesses work systems, such as your policy for reporting health and safety accidents at work, alongside your workplace bullying policy, provides valuable data about the overall pro-equity motivation within  your workplace systems.

If your business is finding it hard to attract talented employees, then assessing your work place systems, particularly your promotion and hiring processes, under the right lens will provide extremely significant insight for business leaders to use in their management of people at work.

Work place systems designed with proper thought and consideration provide safety measures to prevent harm and risks of harm, to the business and its people, communities, and stakeholders.

Diligence at Work provides informed, thorough and evidence based reports and advice to business leaders following an assessment into a businesses existing work place policies and procedures.