Employment Law Advocacy

While Diligence at Work is focused on consulting with employers to build equitable work place systems, in instances where a dispute occurs in an employment relationship, we can provide advocacy and representation services for an employer or an employee.


Diligence at Work will seek to resolve an employment relationship dispute with well considered employment law advice alongside skilled employment law advocacy and representation. 

EMPLOYERS seeking clarifications about their employment law obligations to employees during New Zealand's Covid 19 response, and employees doing the same in regard to their obligations to employers, are showing an immense amount of good faith in a Covid19 Response landscape.


Before anybody undertakes any actions which impact the terms and conditions of an employment agreement and relationship, seek advice from either an employment lawyer, or an employment law advocate who has the legal qualifications to assess your legal employment law matter. 

Know your liabilities, and know what it means to conduct employment processes in good faith.

"Employers and employees who seek guidance from legally trained and experienced employment law advocates with a Bachelor of Laws, prior to initiating any changes in their work place, limit their liabilities, while at the same time endear trust in their relationships with employees." 

Tuangane Matangi



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Diligence at Work provides a tailored fee structure to meet the needs of each of our clients.

Please call or email us to discuss the payment options we have available for your individual needs in relation to our legal representation for employment relationship disputes leading to personal grievances.

Employees: We are able to provide contingency fee service agreements to employees who have the legal grounds to pursue a personal grievance, and who meet our terms for providing no win no fee representation when they have been either unjustifiably dismissed, unjustifiably disadvantaged or constructively dismissed.