About the Director  


As the leader of Diligence at Work, Tuangane Matangi is ecstatic to provide New Zealanders with high caliber legal consulting, representation and training on her own terms. Tuangane demonstrates her moral compass in her

company's values and service.

Before her academic pursuit into law and practice as a family, property, employment lawyer and all around general lawyer, Tuangane worked as a night shift packer, bar person, cook, waitress, freezing worker, journalist, newspaper delivery person and construction and civil engineering recruiter.  


Tuangane has a Bachelor of Laws, Diploma of Journalism, and Diploma in Environmental Management, and is an admitted Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand.

I get how delicately employment and whānau relationships need to be managed. And that most people have no legal training.

I navigate the legal requirements for people and help at a time when relationships are under an immense amount of stress.”

Why We Do What We Do

Diligence at Work was founded by its Director, Tuangane Matangi, for one purpose - 

To provide New Zealand people with access to justice.


We use our legal expertise to help train people who do not otherwise know how to navigate the complex legal systems that govern their personal and professional relationships.

Our consultancy and advocacy services are tailored to each person's needs because not all people think and behave in the same manner.


While people do not behave in the same manner, the law is supposed too. 

We train people to find and then apply the laws which are governing their lives in a format which they can understand quickly and then apply to their own circumstances.


Our aim is to ensure everybody in New Zealand has legal training and nouse to navigate their own complex circumstances and gain a fairer playing ground in that process for us all.