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Employee Representation

Diligence at Work handles employment law cases ranging from personal grievances for unjustified dismissals, unjustified actions (i.e bullying) or breaches of good faith, to workplace harassment and wage claims.


Good Faith is a principle section within New Zealand's predominant employment law legislation, the Employment Relations Act 2000.

This means that whether you are an employer or employee, behaving in a manner that exemplifies trust and confidence in your employment relationship is paramount law.

We are based in Christchurch and are able to provide our full services to the South Island.

Diligence at Work services include 

Advice and Representation for Employers and Employees in:

Personal Grievances for Unjustified Dismissal, Unjustified Disadvantage and breaches of Good Faith.

And Restructures, Redundancy,

Sustainable Workplace Equity Consultations

Workplace Health & Safety Consultations

Employment Law Updates Seminars & Courses 

Diligence at Work thinks that “Good Faith is the Kiwi thing to do” and if more people understood what it truly meant to act in good faith, employment relationships will always succeed to both parties benefit.


We hope by promoting harmony between an employer and employee in their employment relationship, we will all be able to lead our most financially secure and fulfilling lives possible.

Tuangane Matangi

Employment Law Advocate & Director of Diligence at Work

Diligence at Work is a specialist employment law consultancy company based in Christchurch, New Zealand.


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Client Recommendations

"If you're looking for someone to give good advice & support, fight for your rights and back you when needed, than I would highly recommend you talk to Tuangane".

Mrs D. Stead, Christchurch. 

"Fantastic advice and real sense of support, very easy and timely to deal with even.for the smallest stuff to help put you at ease thank you again Diligence at Work".

Mr A. Gardiner, Hamilton

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